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4 Sept 2023

As part of our recent acquisition* of Ultrasonic Impact Technology, Applied Ultrasonics has set out to implement some changes to provide greater flexibility and a tailored approach to how we supply UIT solutions to our customers.

As a result, we have developed another sales offering which allows customers to purchase the technology as an asset to their business. This comes as an alternative to our traditional project- based model that has been offered internationally for over 14 years.

Whilst our project-based offering remains an integral part of our business, Applied Ultrasonics is excited to have launched a new engagement model in 2023 with the supply of the latest UIT machine to Australian-based engineering specialist, Morgan Engineering.

With a growing foothold in the Hunter Valley resources and energy markets and expanding throughout the state, Morgan Engineering have added our latest 6000 series technology to their toolkit. The move represents their desire to achieve greater fatigue life improvement and reduce maintenance downtime for their customer’s equipment, both in the workshop and on various sites throughout NSW.

As part of the new sales model Applied Ultrasonics offers an onboarding program to ensure that you can seamlessly integrate the technology into your businesss. The program connects our customers with the expert support that benefits from decades of collective experience in the fields of engineering, training, machine part supply and project execution.

To join the growing list of customers using our UIT solution to innovate their operations, please contact us and we will connect you with a representative in your region.

*Recent aquisition article - Read more "New chapter of weld treatment innovation"

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