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UIT equipment


More Robust, More Portable Ultrasonic Impact Technology


Applied Ultrasonics can deliver mobile systems for field work and fixed systems where automation is required.


Operating at the industry’s highest ultrasonic frequency, 25 kHz and greater, our  Ultrasonic Impact Technology (UIT) process has a proven return on investment (ROI) across a wide variety of industries, such as ship repair, infrastructure, oil and gas, aerospace, defense and mining equipment. 


Our equipment reliably operates internationally in over 16 countries and we continue to develop and refine our equipment and technology. 

UIT machine


Applied Ultrasonics UIT systems are a portable and adaptable, 100% duty-cycle ultrasonic system that operates at 25 kHz, or greater. The system features a robust Magnetorestrictive transducer which delivers the strongest ultrasonic energy within the industry. This, coupled with extensive tooling options and ease of operation enables our UIT systems to address most any application.


The portable hand tools can easily be positioned at the weld toe to improve weld toe geometry and impart compressive residual stress. The system can be used to mitigate localized tensile stress and help control distortion resulting from welding.


The UIT technology is a preventative proactive process that can be applied during welding or as a post weld procedure. 

UIT 6000 machine
UIT 1005 machine

The UIT 1005 system is our portable solution to field and shop work. The UIT 6000 system is designed for workshops and automated manufacturing using robotics. It is an all in one system incorporating an integrated water cooler and mounted on castors wheels.

Both systems have been designed with:

  • New robust hard case for enhanced portability and durability.

  • New and improved electrical connections to reduce set-up time and increase reliability.

  • Touch screen controller provides easy-to-use adjustments to variable settings.

  • Capability to monitor, collect, store, and download operational parameters, while displaying graphically in real time on the HMI screen.


More Robust, More Portable Ultrasonic Technology


Applied Ultrasonics systems deliver portable, repeatable and proven ultrasonic peening and ultrasonic stress relief. 


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