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6 Dec 2022

Applied Ultrasonics International (AUI) is pleased to announce its acquisition of the Ultrasonic Impact Technology (UIT) and business unit from Progress Rail (a Caterpillar Inc. company).

Applied Ultrasonics International took ownership of the UIT technology following a successful 14-year period as licensee of Progress Rail and the former Applied Ultrasonics company. 


As part of the new era of operation, AUI has formed an Australian/US management group which benefits from over 150 years of industry, corporate, manufacturing, research & development, and engineering experience to advance the technology and support industry. 


To date, our technology has proven its effectiveness in providing peening solutions focused on asset life extension, as well as mitigating tensile stress and the potential for stress related failures. Our customers operate within a range of markets, including Refineries, Mining, Rail & Locomotives, Structures, Oil & Gas, Energy, Renewables, Manufacturing, Military and Aerospace.  


With an existing global footprint that spans 16 countries, AUI intends to move towards more flexible sales and service models that promote a strategic partnership between the business and each individual customer. 


"Our tooling utilizes the most advanced ultrasonic peening processes to greatly extend the life cycle of most types of fixed and mobile assets, equipment and structures," said AUI Field Services Director Jason Hoogerwerf. "In a global economic climate that is more challenging than ever, we deliver results with less downtime and lower overall costs, as well as eliminate the necessity to reinvest in new equipment prematurely."  


"As a company, we're strong advocates for safety and environmental sustainability and we're proud to be offering an alternative to traditional peening processes that reduces injury risk and lowers waste for our customers and their teams," said Jason. 


Peter Simons AUI’s Managing Director commented “moving from a regional licensee to an international owner of the business is a big step for our company. With the management and engineering team we now have in Australia and the United States we are confident that our expanded business offering will be well received by our existing and new customers." 

AUI, which will trade internationally as Applied Ultrasonics, intends to move forward with a focus on innovation; including investing in research and development, as well as automation/robotics and tooling advancements to position us well to continuously improve our offering for our customers. 


If you would like to know more or connect with a representative of Applied Ultrasonics in your region.



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