Since 2008 Applied Ultrasonics Australia (AUA) has been delivering significant results and value to many companies operating within the Australian mining, Aluminium, transportation, defence, and infrastructure industries through the use of ultrasonic peening process (UIT).  These significant results include improved fatigue life, mechanical stress relief and imparting compressive residual stress.

UIT was first developed in the early 1970’s to strengthen the hulls of the Russian Nuclear submarine fleet by a team of engineers and scientists led by Dr. Efim Statnikov. Since its development the UIT technology and equipment has undergone continual improvements to become the premier ultrasonic peening tool in the market.

This development has been supported and validated by research work carried out by some of the world’s leading engineering universities, their scientists, and engineers. (Please refer to the research papers) The technology is recognised by the US Federal Highway Administration, the US Navy and Coast guard, the International Institute of Welding, Weld Australia and the more than 100 companies who have successfully employed the technology.

esonix model shot_2 copy.png

UIT has been successfully applied to:

Coal loaders

Dragline buckets

Excavator buckets

Truck bodies

Dipper buckets

Drag line booms

Drag lines

Defence projects – Navy ships and Armoured vehicles

Road bridges

Shovel sticks

Wind farm towers



Paper making equipment

Diesel locomotive engine blocks

A variety of tanks in the aluminium industry

Many other types of infrastructure employed in the aluminium industry.

Power stations.

Desalination plants