The Technology

The UIT system is an electromechanical process where ultrasonic energy is converted into mechanical energy. When applied to metal fabricated structures, UIT imparts compressive residual stress, mitigates harmful tensile stress, modifies weld toe geometry, and improves grain structure. UIT can be used as an alternative to TIG Toe Dressing, Burr Grinding or other forms of stress relief to modify weld toe geometry and impact beneficial compressive residual stress. UIT’s Magnetostrictive technology and application is faster, easier to apply and has fewer OH&S issues.

UIT was designed for shop and in field applications. The Magnetostrictive transducer delivers the strongest ultrasonic energy within the industry operating at or above 25kHz. The system is portable, and the hand tool can be coupled with a variety of specially designed heads which can accommodate most difficult jobs.


Applied Ultrasonics Australia (AUA) employs a team of qualified technicians capable of operating the equipment in all areas of Australia. Our operations and technology are supported by technical advice and research undertaken on our behalf by consultant engineers in the US who are integral in the development of UIT.


The technology has been incorporated in AS1210, which is applicable to pipes and pressure vessels in Australia