The Application

Through our state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Impact Technology that has revolutionised the metal improvement industry forever. We are proud to show our work and continue to help vital industries around Australia strengthen their investments in heavy equipment and infrastructure.

The treatment process has very specific science and research behind its technology. We stand by our continued results.

To apply the UIT to the treated material the technician will bring the UIT machine within 3m of the structure. They will then apply and test the correct settings within the generator unit. Once the test is complete they need to ensure the free floating pins are being applied correctly and at an even speed across the body and toes of the weld.

Abrasion Resistance

Components in the military and aviation are challenged every day by some of the most extreme, demanding and severe environments in the world. Since lives depend on the reliability of these components, maintaining peak performance is a top priority. Frequently, equipment maintenance must be performed away from home and under less than ideal conditions. Esonix UIT provides a portable solution to impart compressive stresses in damaged components, increase the life of fatigue-limited components, increase material hardness and inhibit corrosion.


Corrosion Resistance

Applied Ultrasonics first treated a highway bridge in 1995. In the ensuing decade, this business has expanded to a dozen states, thanks to outstanding results in various research initiatives from leading authorities such as the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, Lehigh University, the University of Texas, Stuttgart University and others. Esonix UIT has been shown to extend the life of bridges and other structures by a number of decades. UIT offers a portable solution that’s fast, easy to use and has been added to the codes that govern bridge maintenance.


Distortion Mitigation

Esonix UIT is a maintenance manager’s ideal solution. From decreasing downtime by tripling the life of a drive shaft to reducing costs by alleviating repetitive weld repairs, UIT brings measurable value to the manufacturing environment. UIT technical support teams are available on an as-needed basis to provide insight into how UIT can provide the greatest value and treat high stress areas onsite.


Fatigue Life Extension

Running at 100% production capacity for months at a time takes a massive toll on equipment and components in this demanding industry that has little tolerance for downtime. Esonix UIT helps the industry combat downtime by offering a portable solution that improves problem areas, extends weld life and increases corrosion resistance in an easy to use, cost effective package.


Increased Hardness

From crankshafts and brake rotors to structural weldments, Esonix UIT offers solutions that have never been available before to the Transportation industry. As new, lighter and stronger materials are being developed for use in Transportation, UIT enables improvements in design to reduce weight and fuel consumption.